History happens to everyone.

Ukraine Stories aims to acknowledge this fact.

We present oral history, citizen journalism, deep dives, and on-the-ground reporting centered on those who are living the invasion, fighting it, fleeing from it, writing about it, and supporting those trying to escape to safety.

This is a chronicle of the humanitarian crisis caused by the invasion, told from a variety of viewpoints: refugees, organizations helping with humanitarian relief, artists, journalists, and more.

Many of the citizen journalists we are working with are also refugees, or are managing and working with refugees and refugee networks.

We have reporters in Washington DC, Europe, and on the Ukrainian border with Moldova. 

Journalists in Eastern Europe are reporting directly on how the invasion and refugee crisis are developing from day to day and finding the stories that may not be shared in mainstream media.

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Oral history, deep dives, and citizen journalism on the Ukraine crisis.


We are working with on-the-ground reporting, citizen journalism, and refugee support. We believe that history is what happens to all of us, not only what powerful people do.